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What are we about? We’re about you, who you are, what you do, what you want to achieve. It takes time to build a relationship. But it’s time well spent. We don’t have a lot of clients we‘ve worked with once. We have a few clients we’ve worked with many times! A good working relationship makes that possible. Oh, where does the rock come in, well it’s obvious isn’t it? We want to build a rock solid relationship with you.


We’re traditionalists we believe you have to use a pencil and paper first! Our first ideas are sketched out on paper (Bill still uses the back of an envelope!) and discussed openly. Does that mean we waste time talking? Not a bit of it, successful design evolves from discussion, adaptation and agreement. It means we get rid of the dross early on! Allowing us to concentrate on strong creative concepts that we believe suggest the right mix of approach.


We are original and very good at what we do, some clients even said so! You need a mixture of clicks, bricks and flicks to reach your target audience. We do all three, digital, any public space – receptions, cafes & bars, exhibitions. Then of course there are ad campaigns, brand & corporate I.D., literature. The scissors? Well, when we’re brainstorming ideas based on your brief – we play rock paper scissors to decide who makes the coffee!